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My hearts grown cold.
The darkness has already set in.
You claim to understand.
Yet you know nothing of being truly numb.
No Love can be brought forth of your heart.
Human touch no longer needed as if its some sort of plague in its own self.
The darkness comforts you and calms you.
You could sit back and watch as the world burns around you.
No one to care for and even wish to care for.
Love is pointless for you no longer feel it.

True Darkness lies with.
When your heart goes numb then and only then well you truly understand.
How dark this world can be.
Trust is no longer a thing. You distrust every living thing.
Your heart would go Black if it could with how much you Envy,
And how wrathful your heart truly can be.

My heart has grown cold.
The sicking darkness has set in stone.
A blacken heart what onces was so full of love and life.
Turned bitter by the ones who held it so dear.
Broken mask and angry roars is all that is heard.
She is like a Banshee no care in the world.
People say nothing is set in stone...
Do they truly know the faith of a numb and cold heart?
You lose that feeling of joy for love.
You wonder if its even still alive within you.

You wish to ask them but you know the reply.
They always say It's fine your fine.
Do they truly know the meaning of Fine.
I assume not.
You can see a truth beyond there lies and fake happiness.
You see what lies beneath it all.
No one is to be trusted with a hearts love for they well break it.
Drowned it in betrayal and lies.

A ghoul has set in her place.
A loveless cold Creature.
A vengeful wrath with no heart to give.

A Darkness has set in.
My heart is cold as snow.
You claim to understand and that you know.
Yet you know nothing of the true cold numbing pain within.
You know nothing that lies beneath A ghouls heart.
The Ghoul


She follow you anywhere.
Her heart is cold as ice.
She wishes to be like you to feel love.
To feel the reason you laugh.
It all ended with a simple goodbye.
She fell and crawled away.
She felt her heart die that day.
You didn't say anything else.
You walked away.
Left her out in the rain.
Her Body became numb.
Her heart turned Cold as ice.
She cried and forgot why.
Now she has no more tears to shed.
She gave up and walks along the shadows of her so called life.
When she does cry she dose not know why.
She sees people laughing and holding hands her hate grows.
She hungry for love.
For the one to make her heart feel alive again.
The Ghoul
A poem i did to vent feelings building up.
The Ghoul is within the heart. 
You try to hide your sorrow with a smile.
Some times the black bird just wont leave your side.
Tears fight to get to the suffice.
No one truly knows whats going threw your mind.
You keep it hidden so well.
You keep it locked away for all time.
For no ones eyes.
Your wishes are so deep they run red.
You wish to scream it all out loud.
But you doubt no one well hear.
For a moment i believed you where mine.
Then faith tore us apart.
I felt like i was dyeing.
Well you feel the same way i do?
Don't lie to me .
You try to hide your sorrow with a plastered smile.
You fight tears that  fight to get to the suffice.
When well you be mine?
I'm running inside my mind.
Rolling around in the blackness.
I fear the silent nights.
Tears that can run a river.
Do you feel  the same as i do?
You learned to not Back down.
Not to show  the truth that lies beneath.
When well you see.
For just a moment  i believed you where mine.
But faith tore us apart.
There so many things i doubt.
I fight this sorrow it runs so deep.
Do you feel the same as i do?
You learned to not show the truth.
you keep it hidden in a golden box within your heart.
For no one to take and unlock.
That Black bird with red eyes wont leave your side.
Well you ever be mine and only mine?
Why is faith so cruel.
This pain i feel Do you feel it?
I feel like i'm running in place.
Endless path of shadows.
I locked my heart away so no one can see it.
Hidden heart
A poem i made to vent.
Please do not steal.


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I am a Imvu Artist. I Do Layouts,Catalog pages and Icons/Banners and Other art.
I'm Open for customs always unless stated other wise.
My accounts are Gorelotte And my main Account is Goyle.
I love all kinds of art though.


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